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• November 1, 2011  

The 60s deja vu


Most of us who were teenagers during, slightly before, or slightly after the 1960s look back upon that unique decade with fondness, nostalgia, wonder, and deep emotions.  It was a time of immense struggle, social unrest, and momentous events: cultural revolution; urban riots; free love; assassinations; personal liberation; marches for freedom and against war; violence; and an outpouring of agitated...Read More

• August 2, 2011  

What is Strength?


There is no longer any question:  Engaging ourselves in a systematic strength training program throughout adulthood can make us healthier, more capable, and more energetic than we would be if we did not participate in this endeavor.  Decades of research confirm this.  However, buried within this assertion are two important requirements: To be effective, a strength training program must be systematic,...Read More

• June 15, 2011  

Vegetabletarianism 101:


The First Essential Step to Lower Your Body Fat Healthfully We all know the statistics: 2/3 of American adults are severely obese or moderately obese; the rate of obesity among our children is increasing; more than 10% of adults worldwide are obese. Clearly, this is a war we are losing. Obesity-related diseases are destroying our health, overwhelming the U.S. health insurance...Read More

• June 2, 2011  

Fish Oil – The Most Important Nutritional Supplement


For most Americans, the most important nutritional supplement we can take is high quality fish oil.  How can we substantiate this claim? The first test of the importance of a supplement is how essential its nutrients are for good health.  Countless research trials over several decades document that both vitamin C and calcium are vital for human function.  A deficiency of...Read More

• May 24, 2011  

Achieving Spinal Fitness


During my first few years of practice in the 1980s, I noticed a disturbing trend.  After examining thousands of patients repeatedly during this time period, it was evident that a majority were rapidly losing strength and flexibility of their spinal muscles.   From month to month, I could actually feel a progressive loss of muscle tonus and an increase in fat...Read More

Live Better Letter

Live Better Letter